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Payroll and complainces

Payroll & Compliances

Full payroll software to maintail all of your payroll activities with compliances.

Company benefits

Company Benifits

HR can manage all company benefits in a single point to handle all company benefit like gratuity, car loan and others.

leaves and holidays

Leaves and Holidays

It includes casual leave, sick leave, privilege leave, paid holidays, including restricted holidays.



Setup all company reimbursement policies based roles and add max amount for each claim.

Onboarding and exit

Onboarding & Exit

Employee can add all of employee administration details. Collect exit formalities to analize reasons behind the each exit.



Use different appraisal techniques like Management by objectives, operators or rating scale techniques to appraise your employees.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Here Employees can access their personal records and payroll also allowing employees to change their own contact details,& banking information and benefits.

manager self Service

Manager Self Service

Single point to access all manager activies like view all team members, appraise them, approve leaves and others.

employee administration

Employee Administrations

Maintail all employee administration activies like department, organization details, personal details, job details, education and others



Employee can subscribe for training. HR can add training and approve trainees and manager add trainees.

Customized payroll

Customized Payroll

Customized your payroll based on your company, department and employees. Each employee can choose suitable salary structure.



HR can Add different types of reimbursements based on roles. And employee can submit all reimburment support documents for HR to approve it.


auto referral

Multilevel Referral Program

Skilledtree is an internal recruitment method employed by organizations to identify potential candidates from their existing employees' social networks.

application tracking system

Application Tracking System

Recruiter can change the status of applied candidates.Others such as manager,referred candidate and applied candidate can track the status.



Add all of your vendors like consultancy and others. Vendors can view all available jobs and recommed their candidates for each jobs.



To motivate active participation,set up gamification to reward employees with point for certain activities.

recruiter self Service

Recruiter Self Service

Assign recruiters for each department or team. Recruiter can handle all recruitment activities from a single point.

vendor self service

Vendor Self Service

It allows vendors to view all jobs posted by your organization and review the status of each candidates and many more.

social media

Social Media

Our product have social media hiring functionality, this will improve your current referal program to next level.

wide reach of friends

Wide Reach Of Friends

Your internal referral job can reached to 2000% of current referral reach. So,you will receive more quality candidates.

participation of employees

Participation of Employees

Employees require only one time participant in referral program, each job HR post will reach to all in network.

hire quality canditates

Hire Quality Candidates

Referral program produce more top level candidates which is already filtered by employees bebfore profile reached to HR.

fast hiring

Fast Hiring

With other job portal it may take 40 to 60 days to recruit a candidate but using referrals it may take only 15 to 30 days to fill your current openings.

resume repository

Resume Repository

Our app supports centralized resume repository so employees can upload their friends resumes here.

Reduced hiring Cost

Reduced Hiring Cost

Produce 80% of success hiring from multi level referral program so you don't require to pay any amount to third party and other high priced consultancies.

improve net profit

Improve Net Profit

With more top quality candidates your organization can produce moere net profit and revenue.

Increase culture fit

Increase culture fit

Employee friends already know about organization as employee is a friend of him.And employee feels happy whenever their buddies also with them.

Targeted job postings

Targeted Job Posting

Create a team of such employees and post a job opening, only contacts of these employees will notified about the job opening.

real time notification

Real Time Notification

All job postings will be notified to all members in the network with different channels immediately.

auto referral bonus

Auto Referral Bonus

Multi level referral program enables employee to receive auto referral bonus without their efforts.

applied candidate access

Applied Candidate Access

Once any candidate applied from employee circle, assigned recruiter can have the access to download the resume and start further recruiting process.

alert for job status

Alert For Job Status

Once recruiter changed the status of applied candidate, referred candidate and applied candidate will receive status notification.

Relevant job notifcation

Relevant Job Notifications

You can add employees based on their skillset/location or any criteria, when HR posts a job only these employees, and his network will receive a job notification.

personilize for branding

Personalized For Branding

SkilledTree can be accessible from your company domain url, logo, and login screen, so all employees feel its company portal instead of Skilled Tree.

android application

Android Application

Employees will be instantly notified current open position with android application.

mobile friendly access

Mobile Friendly Access

SkilledTree can be accessible any devices irrespective of it's size-mobiles,ipad, and any other devices.


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