Mapping ECC Customer Hierarchy with CRM Account Hierarchy

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This Blog explains you the step by step procedure on how to replicate Customer hierarchy from SAP ECC to SAP CRM and related settings required from SAP CRM system front.


Step#1: Replicating Customer Hierarchy Customizing Object from ECC to CRM
Object DNL_CUST_THIT will replicate values from ECC tables THITT, THIT and THIOZ. This object is responsible to replicate the customizing settings for Customer Hierarchy.
T-Code – R3AS, run the object DNL_CUST_THIT with the Source and Destination systems.
Monitor the Load object with T-Code – R3AM1.

Step#2: Assign ECC customer Hierarchy with the CRM Customer Category

ECC customer hierarchies have to be mapped with the CRM account hierarchies

PATH: CRM SPRO --- CRM --- Master Data---- Business Partner ---- Account Hierarchy ----- Data exchange of ECC customer Hierarchies with the CRM system ----- Assign ECC customer hierarchy type to CRM hierarchy category.
Here maintain the mapping between ECC customer Hierarchies to CRM hierarchy category
Select the R/3 Hierarchy Type A (Standard Hierarchy) and the CRM Hierarchy Cat. 01 (Pricing).

Step#3: Replicating Customer Hierarchy


ECC table KNVH (Customer Hierarchies) has to be downloaded to CRM
T-Code - R3AS
Run the object DNL_BUPA_KNVH and select the Source system and Destination systems


Monitor the object DNL_BUPA_KNVH with the T-Code R3AM1

Step#4: Checking the ECC table KNVH and CRM table CRM_KNVH_TEMP for consistency.

Check KNVH in ECC

Check CRM_KNVH_TEMP in SAP CRM. Both tables should be matched.

Choose Execute (F8).
Check the log file for errors.
Choose Save.
After the Customer hierarchy has been created, Delta load for the ECC customer Hierarchy has been activated automatically.
All data changes in ECC will be delta loaded to CRM system.



Step#6: Displaying the Group Hierarchy in CRM.

T-Code – BPH
Search based on “Hierarchy Tree and “Description” and select the BP, sales area and the current date.



Step#7: Displaying the Group Hierarchy in CRM Web UI.


Login “SERVICEPRO” Business role and search for the Customer Hierarchy in “Accounts and Products” tab from navigation bar.

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Srini Vampalli

Senior SAP CRM Functional Consultant.



  • We can display, but not maintain this tree in CRM.
  • We can no longer create trees with the category pricing.

Step#5: Create Account Hierarchy in CRM


T-Code – BPH_DNL
The SAP CRM account hierarchy has to be created based on the downloaded SAP ECC customer Hierarchy
On the screen Business Partner Group Hierarchy: Initial Download select the checkbox in the column Download for our mapping scenario and select the R/3 Sales Areas choosing
the button R/3 Sales Areas.

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