SkilledTree Security Measures

SSH Keys
SSH keys are a pair of cryptographic keys that can be used to authenticate to an SSH server as an alternative to password-based logins. Ssh connection

A firewall is a piece of software (or hardware) that controls what services are exposed to the network. This means blocking or restricting access to every port except for those that should be publicly available.

VPNs and Private Networking
A VPN, or virtual private network, is a way to create secure connections between remote computers and present the connection as if it were a local private network. This provides a way to configure your services as if they were on a private network and connect remote servers over secure connections. Vpn

Public Key Infrastructure and SSL/TLS Encryption
Public key infrastructure, or PKI, refers to a system that is designed to create, manage, and validate certificates for identifying individuals and encrypting communication. SSL or TLS certificates can be used to authenticate different entities to one another. After authentication, they can also be used to established encrypted communication. Encrypt

Isolated Execution Environments
Isolating execution environments refers to any method in which individual components are run within their own dedicated space. Database

Database Encryption
Details of the employees information such as Name, Email and Phone number which are saved in the SkilledTree Database will be encrypted before saving. Encryption

SSL for MySQL Server and Client
The implementation of SSL in an MySQL server encrypts all data going back and forth between a server and a client, thereby preventing potential eavesdropping or data sniffing in wide area networks or within data centers.